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We don't try to be everything to everyone. We focus on service, solutions and simple fair pricing. We don't rely on automated processes and technology to remove real human beings from the loop. We don't make it a chore to get things set up. If you wanted to leave, We will actually help you leave — not leave you on your own. PlayBig Hosting is for people who are tired of managing their own infrastructure and would rather have someone else do it. It’s also not for people who want to manage every aspect of their infrastructure through a feature-saturated control panel. It’s about professionals working with professionals and delivering respectful, attentive service. It’s rock-solid hosting for people who cringe at the idea of hosting. A website is never completely done - updates, upgrades and changes are always required. We've designed PlayBig Hosting to manage those required services so you don't have to - you can get back to the business of your business.

Please contact me with questions and a solutions review.

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Everything you would expect from a hosting company - then more.


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Everything you would expect from a hosting company - then more.


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Everything you would expect from a hosting company - then more.


Our one-on-one approach to customer service begins on day one. We’ll help you with every detail if you need it. Want to move your stuff over to us? Great. We’ll work together to hammer out all of the migration details. Want to transition off? Not great for us, but we won’t leave you hanging. Our staff will get you to where you want to be. You don’t need the extra worries.

Got a question? Need some help? Contact our team and we’ll get back to you quickly in person with a real answer, not a canned flow chart response.

Simple plans. Done right.

Hands-on servicing means one thing: from day one you can count of the fact that we understand and know your set up and any nuances it might possibly bring. That means less problems and quicker responses when you do encounter any issues or request updates and services.

Security is always an issue. Not for you, but for us. And not in a bad way! We pride ourselves on the fact that our sites are secure.

One Plan. One Price. PlayBig Hosting was created to serve the needs of a very specific audience. We offer just three plans at easy to understand and fair prices.

Concierge Service Concierge Service is included in your paid annual plan to help you update your site and keep it fresh through the year. Let us maintain your site while you concentrate on your business. Pay by the quarter or pay in advance. Leave at any time for a pro rated refund. If you're not happy with our service we'll even help you move to a new host. Have a problem with your site? You're only a cell phone away from a solution. Don't call a number for help - call a person. It's all part of PlayBig Hosting. We proudly resell Glowhost products. GlowHost is a leader in the web hosting industry with a long, proven track record.

Concierge Service With PlayBig Hosting you receive two hours of whatever you need per month. Here are some suggestions for your free labor. Photoshop: crop some pics for me Content Updates: tell everyone about my upcoming sale or promotion Research: find us the best plugin for... SEO: add some keywords to our site Tuning: help, my site's ....

Content Updates Your site should be updated regularly to include new content, specials, blog posts, images or whatever makes it fresh and exciting for your customers. But hiring a web designer for each change can get expensive. With Concierge Service you don’t have to worry about making small changes to your site to keep it fresh. Just call or email us and we’ll take care of the change for you. Image Optimization Not everyone has a fast high-speed connection to the Internet. Make sure your images are small enough that your site doesn’t appear to be slow to users with slow connections. We can help optimize your photos or images to decrease their size while still maintaining quality.

Concierge Service is like having a web designer for free with your PlayBig hosting plan. After your site is built you inevitably find little things you want to change or bugs that need fixed. Typical hosting companies send you back to your web designer who will charge you dearly for changes. With Concierge Service from PlayBig Hosting you get two hours of help per month included in your paid hosting plan. Common Requests Here are some of the things you can do with your free labor: Upload Photos Add/Update Content Software Updates Plugin Updates WordPress/Joomla Training Additional Features Here are some more things you don’t have to worry about: Light Photoshop work Optimize (shrink) Images General Research Light Search Engine Optimization Light Social Media Management

Sign Up Thank you for clicking our ‘sign up’ button. We think this means your interest is piqued. Awesome. We just need some information from you in order to get the ball rolling. Please complete the sign up process below and we’ll take it from there. If you have any questions, please fee free to contact us at [email protected]. See, we’re already working well together.

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